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When you’re visiting Frankfurt, it can be hard to choose a neighbourhood to stay in. The city centre might seem like the most apparent area at first, but this one is also quite expensive. But where else can you stay if you come to visit this city? Which areas are nice and which ones should you avoid at all costs?

As residents of Frankfurt, we have spent a lot of time exploring the city’s different neighbourhoods. We had friends and family come over and have seen the hotels where they stayed. And we know precisely how long it takes to get from one place to another.

Today, we’re going to share all of this experience with you. Keep reading and find out exactly where to stay in Frankfurt on your next trip.

Where to stay in Frankfurt

#1 Old Town / City Centre

View of the Romerberg in Frankfurt

If you only have one night, or if you want to be close to Frankfurt’s main attractions, then you should stay in the city centre. From here, you can walk to the half-timbered houses on Römerberg, take a stroll along the river Main and even cross over to Sachsenhausen to enjoy some Apfelwein.

Main things to do in the area
Explore Römerberg

Römerberg is the main square in Frankfurt. Here, you can find the city hall as well as lots of half-timbered houses. When you stand in the middle of the plaza, you might find it hard to believe that the whole area was bombed to the ground in WW II. Fortunately, the city eventually decided to reconstruct this neighbourhood, and you can now get an idea of how Frankfurt must have looked a hundred years ago.

Frankfurter Dom

The coronation of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire took place in this cathedral, therefore, make sure to stop by. The building is open most of the time, and you can quickly enter to take a look around. If you want to see the city from above, you can climb to the top of the bell tower. From up here, you will have a great view of Römerberg, with skyscrapers rising behind the half-timbered houses.

Frankfurt Christmas Market

Christmas Market Frankfurt at Roemer

If you visit Frankfurt in winter, you should check out the Christmas Market that takes place in the Old Town every year in December. Drink hot Apfelwein (a wine similar to cider), enjoy typical snacks from the region and stock up on Christmas gifts while you’re here!

Make sure to check out our complete guide to the Christmas Market in Frankfurt, which will give you all the information you need for your trip!
Where to stay
The shopping mall MyZeil in Christmas
From the city centre, you can walk to Zeil street, the main shopping area of Frankfurt

If you can find a room close to Römerberg and have the money to pay for it, that is a great place to stay. Unfortunately, the Old Town is one of the most expensive areas to stay in Frankfurt, because it is also one of the most beautiful and convenient ones.

If you would rather not spend as much money, you should try to find a hotel within walking distance of the Old Town. You will still be in the city centre, but the prices will be much more affordable. Frankfurt is not a big city, so you will be able to walk to the historic centre and the shopping area in just a few minutes.

My parents have stayed at the mainhaus Stadthotel Frankfurt. From here, you only walk for five minutes to reach either the pedestrian area or the river Main. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and my mother kept talking about how delicious the breakfast had been.

Another hotel that receives good reviews and is quite affordable is the Moxy Frankfurt City Centre. We haven’t personally stayed there, but we know from walking past the building that it has an excellent location. The rooms are very stylish and have an interesting design and guests mention that the beds were comfortable.

#2 Sachsenhausen

Street in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt

South of the River Main, you can find Sachsenhausen. This neighbourhood is known for its Apfelwein taverns and is a great place to stay if you want to go out in the evening.

Apfelwein is a local drink from Frankfurt made from apple species that grow in the area. It literally translates to apple wine and you might find it to be similar to cider. It is more tart and sour, though, and, unlike cider, contains almost no gas.
Main things to do in the area
Drink Apfelwein

If you stay in Sachsenhausen, you should explore all the Apfelwein taverns and try this very local drink. An excellent place to start is in Old Sachsenhausen, where you can find many of them next to each other. Apfelwein usually comes in a Bembel, which is a stoneware pitcher that keeps its content cool in summer.

Sachsenhausen is also a great neighbourhood to try traditional food. Try Schnitzel with Grüne Soße (green sauce), for example. The green sauce is made from different local herbs and is a popular dish in Frankfurt.

Schnitzel mit gruner sosse
Schnitzel mit Grüner Soße
Discover Frau Rauscher

While walking through Old Sachsenhausen, don’t forget to stop by Frau Rauscher. This statue of a woman is a popular attraction in the neighbourhood, as it spits out water at irregular intervals.

Keep a distance while you wait for her to spit, or you will get wet!

Explore Frankfurt’s museums

On the southern side of the River Main, you can find an area called Museumsufer, which translates to the shore of museums. Here, along the quay, you have the chance to explore some of Frankfurt’s best museums. If you like art, you should head to the Städel Museum, known for its extensive art collection. We also enjoyed the Museum of Applied Arts, with its many changing temporary exhibits.

Room in the Goethe Haus

Alternatives are the Communication Museum or the German Film Museum. No matter what kind of museums you enjoy, we are sure you will find something interesting here.

Where to stay

One of the hotels in Old Sachsenhausen with excellent ratings is Libertine Lindenberg. Visitors who stayed here especially liked the friendly staff and the great location. If you stay here, you are right in between all of the Apfelwein Taverns!

If you stay in Frankfurt for more than a few nights, we recommend the Living Hotel Frankfurt. It’s in Southern Sachsenhausen, and you will need to take a bus to the city centre. But the bus ride is very quick, and the rooms include a small kitchen. We lived in a temporary apartment next to this hotel, so my parents stayed here a few times and were always satisfied. They also serve an excellent breakfast!

Book your stay now in Sachsenhausen:

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#3 Ostend / Bornheim

View of the European Central Bank in Ostend in Frankfurt

Ostend and Bornheim are the perfect areas if you want to stay a bit away from everything or if you can’t find any cheap deals in the city centre. From here, you can quickly reach the Old Town by tram ( depending on where you stay, you can even walk), and you also have a few excellent restaurants in this area. I love Kahuna Poke Bros, the first Hawaiian restaurant I ever went to, but you can also find many other cuisines in this area.

Main things to do in the area
Visit the zoo

If you visit Frankfurt with kids, visiting the zoo is a fun way to spend an afternoon. The Frankfurt Zoo is the second oldest zoo in Germany, and you can spot more than 500 species of animals here!

You can find the zoo halfway between Ostend and the city centre, and if you stay in Ostend, you can easily walk here.

Walk along the River Main

We often walk in Ostend along the River Main, as we quite like this area. Behind the European Central Bank, a pedestrian path starts to take you all the way to the city centre. Make sure to go to one of the bridges that cross the river, as they will offer you a fantastic view of Frankfurt’s skyscrapers.

Skyline of Frankfurt

Stroll along Berger Strasse

Berger Strasse is one of our favourite streets in Frankfurt. This street runs right through Bornheim and is known for its many boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. We love going for walks in the area or meeting friends to discover new restaurants and cuisines.

Where to stay

When Daniel went to Frankfurt for his job interview, he stayed in the Motel One Frankfurt-Eastside, a hotel he still recommends. It’s close to a tram station so you can quickly get to the city centre. The rooms were spotlessly clean and comfortable, and all of the staff was helpful with all the questions Daniel had.

Another hotel with great reviews is the niu Coin.  Guests especially mention the cleanliness of the rooms and the excellent location, from where you can quickly reach the Old Town.

#4 Westend

Outside of the Palmengarten

Westend is the perfect area to stay if you’re visiting to see a trade fair. You can find the trade fair (called Messe in German) west of the city centre, and if you want to go there during the day, then why not stay nearby? As this area is popular with business travellers, you will find lots of business hotels here. This is also a good area if you’re looking for high-end luxury hotels. Just don’t come here if you’re on a budget, as we rarely see cheap accommodation here.

Main things to do in the area
Explore the Palmengarten

The Palmengarten is Frankfurt’s botanical garden. You’ll find it a bit north of Westend, but it’s close enough that you can quickly get here. The highlight is the greenhouse with its many palm trees and tropical climate. It’s summer here all year long – even in winter.

Outside the greenhouse, you can find many areas with different themes. You’ll come across a rose garden, a cactus garden, a rocky garden and much more. During your visit, you’ll also find many smaller greenhouses, each of them with a different theme so you can explore different climatic zones.

Visit a trade fair

As we already mentioned, Westend is the area of trade fairs. The most well-known one might be the Frankfurt book fair, which is the largest trade fair for books worldwide. We’ve also been to a coin trade fair (where we saw lots of ancient gold coins that were way outside our budget), and we’ve seen advertisements for trade fairs related to crafting, baking, cars etc. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s a high chance you can find a trade fair in Frankfurt.

Where to stay

When you’re looking for a hotel in Westend, orient yourself at the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations. The closer you stay, the easier it’ll be to move around the city. The following map can help you search for the perfect hotel:

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#5 Bahnhofsviertel

Euro Sign in Frankfurt

Bahnhofsviertel is the region between the main station and the city centre. While this was once one of Frankfurt’s roughest areas, it has developed into a neighbourhood with lots of small bars and restaurants over the past years. Bahnhofsviertel is famous for its nightlife, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can find lots of hostels here.

The area is still a bit rough, so we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re travelling with children. But if you’re a budget backpacker, then this is a good choice.

Main things to do in the area
Admire Frankfurt’s banking district

If you walk from the central station towards the city centre, you will come past Frankfurt’s skyscrapers. Locals like to give the city the nickname “Mainhattan” (Main being the river that crosses the city), and we love walking between the tall buildings. One of them, the Maintower, is open to the public and you can enjoy a fantastic view from its top.

In the banking district, you can also find an oversized Euro sign. The skyscraper behind it once belonged to the European Central Bank. The bank has moved, but the Euro sign stayed behind and is popular with tourists taking pictures.

Alte Oper

The Old Opera in Frankfurt

After visiting the banking district, you should head to Alte Oper. The old opera house stands in stark contrast to the modern skyscrapers. From time to time, you can join guided tours through the building, or you can catch a performance in the evening if you want to see the interior.

Where to stay

As we already said, you can find lots of hostels in the Bahnhofsviertel area. Many travellers recommend the Five Elements Hostel, for its great atmosphere, the friendly staff and the clean rooms. Be warned that this hostel lies directly in the Red Light District. We’ve never heard of anyone having problems there, though, so as long as you don’t do anything stupid, you should be fine.

If you’d rather stay in a hotel, the Hotel Victoria receives good ratings. This four-star hotel is comfortable and quite close to the Frankfurt train station, so you can quickly get around. Regular trains arrive here from the airport, so it’s very convenient if you arrive or leave by plane.

#6 Bad Homburg

Marktlauben in Bad Homburg

Bad Homburg is not a neighbourhood in Frankfurt, but instead a nearby town. We still decided to include it on this list as you can reach it in less than half an hour by train.

Bad Homburg, with its castle and spas, is a destination on its own. Find out now how to spend a perfect day in Bad Homburg!

If you like spas, gardens, nature and cute German towns full of traditional architecture, then you should consider basing yourself in Bad Homburg. You can still explore Frankfurt during the day, but you can also go for hikes in the Taunus region (we love the Three Castle Hike), relax in a spa or wander through the cute Old Town of Bad Homburg.

Main things to do in the area
Visit Bad Homburg Castle

Bad Homburg Castle seen from the Castle Park

The castle of Bad Homburg is one of its main tourist attractions. It features gardens, a park and even a tower from where you have a fantastic view. Make sure to check out the Orangerie behind the castle to discover lots of citrus fruit trees, and then go down to the lake to see the castle from below.

Stroll through the Kurpark

Did you know that the king of Thailand used to love Bad Homburg? He came here regularly to enjoy the mineral waters of the spas, the climate and the gardens. Today, you can discover two Thai Salas in the park, which the king donated to Bad Homburg.

Relax in the spa

If you want to relax, head to the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad. This building, named after Emperor Wilhelm I, who had his own private spa section here, now houses the Kur Royal Spa. It is the perfect place to unwind after a few days of sightseeing.

The Elisabethenbrunnen in the Kur Park

Where to stay

Hotel Villa am Kurpark receives excellent ratings. With its central location, it is the perfect base for exploring the region. Plus, we love the original building, which fits very well into this spa town.

As an alternative, if you prefer more luxury, you should consider the Steigenberger Hotel Bad Homburg. This hotel offers an excellent service, stylish rooms and lots of amenities (including a spa/wellness area). Plus, you’re close to the Kurpark, and you can quickly reach the castle and the Old Town.

We hope you now have an overview of where to stay in Frankfurt and can choose the neighbourhood you like best. They all come with their unique advantages, so consider selecting a different area to stay at if you come back for a second time.

We have lots of resources about Frankfurt that will help you plan your trip. Make sure to check them out:

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