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Bishkek is not a typical tourist city. Most people will spend some time here to arrange travel onwards through Kyrgyzstan, but it is not a place they seek out for its tourist attractions.

Yet, the city has more to offer than you would think at first glance. We certainly had a lot of fun during the days we spent here and we want to share all of the fun things to do in Bishkek with you. Plus, you won’t run into many other tourists. The city is perfect for getting away from the crowds and seeing a corner of the world that not many people visit.

If you’re travelling to Kyrgyzstan and you’re wondering what to do in Bishkek, then this article has all of the information you need.


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Top things to do in Bishkek

#1 Splash in the fountains of Ala-Too Square

Fountains and a buildin in the background in Bishkek

Ala-Too Square is located in the middle of the city and it’s the perfect spot to start exploring Bishkek. Plus, the fountains are very refreshing on a hot day.

Usually, I wouldn’t jump into a public fountain. But after seeing locals splash around in them, we took off our shoes and walked through the water ourselves. It is fun to join in, and you can sit down on a bench afterwards and enjoy the atmosphere.

While walking around the square, take a look at the buildings around you. If you like brutalist architecture, then you’re going to love all of the houses around you. But no matter if you’re a fan or not, the buildings tell the story of the Soviet occupation and are a great reminder of recent history that you should see at least once.

At one end of the square, you will find the National Historical Museum. It was closed for years due to renovations, but it reopened in 2022, so you should go and check it out.


#2 Browse through the spices at Osh Bazaar

Many spices for sale displayed on a bazaar

Osh Bazaar is the biggest bazaar in Bishkek and the most photogenic one I went to in Central Asia. As everywhere in this region, you can find everything you could possibly wish for at this bazaar. From shoes to spices and tea, you can buy them here.

It is easy to get lost amidst the wares and photo opportunities and spend an hour or two here, making the bazaar one of the best places to visit in Bishkek.


#3 Go for a walk in Bishkek’s parks

A view of a park in Bishkek with a statue

In Bishkek, sightseeing doesn’t mean rushing from one tourist attraction to another. On the contrary. Bishkek is a city where you can take your time, relax and get a feel for the life of the locals.

The next item on our list is exactly about that. Bishkek is a green city with lots of parks, statues and fountains. We spent a whole afternoon exploring the parks and taking pictures of each other while doing funny poses in front of the statues.

The parks are where you want to go for a walk, get ice cream and watch locals.


#4 Look at the paintings in Dubovy (Oak) Park

Paintings for sale on display in the Bishkek market

Are you wondering what to see in Bishkek besides Osh bazaar and the parks? The city is, as we already mentioned, not a classic touristic city, so you need to get creative. The next place, though, is one of my favourite Bishkek attractions.

At the end of Erkindik Avenue, one of Bishkek’s largest streets, you will find Oak Park. Come here to see artists exhibit and sell their paintings. Most will have local themes, many will be over the top, but you can find some real gems in here. And who knows, maybe you will find one that you would like to take home.


#5 Relax at Bishkek’s cafes

Bishkek has quite a few cafes. My favourite was, without a doubt, Sierra Coffee. Run by a Kiwi, it has amazing ice cream sundaes on offer. While there are cheaper places in the city, and I still don’t know what New Zealand lemonade is, it is a nice place to hang out and relax. The wifi is good, too.

There are more great cafes in the city, of course. While visiting places in Bishkek and walking around, you should come across them. They’re perfect for taking a break and, once again, for enjoying local life.

As long as you like

#6 Get a taste of traditional Kyrgyz food

A draditional Kyrgyz dish with meat and noodles

With an abundance of restaurants, what better place could you find to try Kyrgyz food? A traditional dish, as everywhere along the Silk Road, is Plov, a rice dish with vegetables and meat. Another dish to try, more typical to only this region, is Beshbarmak. It is made of horse meat that has been boiled in its own broth for a couple of hours and is then sprinkled on top of thin noodles.

If you prefer dumplings, try Manty. They are steamed dumplings filled with meat and onions.

A recommendation for a typical Kyrgyz drink is Kymyz. It is fermented horse milk and is a slightly alcoholic, fizzy drink. A similar, non-alcoholic version is maksym, which consists of fermented grains. It is an acquired taste but we highly recommend you at least try it.

#7 Hike the mountains of Ala-Archa

View of a valley in Ala Archa National Park

Ala-Archa is the closest national park to the city and makes for one of the best day trips from Bishkek. You can catch a taxi in the morning, go for a hike and then return to Bishkek in the evening. If you want to expand your trek, there is also the option of staying overnight in a hut before hiking back to the park entrance the next day.

The mountain scenery is stunningly beautiful. In June, wildflowers are blossoming everywhere, giving you a taste of the colourful Kyrgyz alpine meadows. You will pass a couple of lookout points along the way, and if you keep going, you will reach a waterfall.

Remember to bring enough food for the day and warm clothes, as the weather can change very suddenly. We were caught out there in just our t-shirts when fog crept up, and the temperature dropped rapidly. While we made it back without a problem, we were very uncomfortable.

A light jacket would have solved that problem.

If you’re uncomfortable hiking by yourself and prefer going with a guide, you can also come here on a guided tour. Check out this tour which even includes a traditional Kyrgyz lunch.


#8 Go rafting on the Chui River

People rafting the Chui river

If you want to leave Bishkek on a day trip, rafting is another option. We went with the Silk Road Water Centre, and our hostel helped us organise both the transport to the river and the rafting itself.

While the Chui River is nothing like the Nile, the Zambezi or the Colorado River, we had a lot of fun that day. Our guides took us down a couple of rapids that left us soaking wet. None of us fell in, but if you prefer, they also have an option for stronger waves.


#9 Visit the Burana Tower

View of the Burana Tower with mountains on the background

If you’ve done any research on Kyrgyzstan, then we’re sure you’ve seen images of the Burana Tower. This landmark, with the snow-covered mountains in the background, looks slightly out of place in the middle of the fields.

Hundreds of years ago, a city called Balasagun stood in this location. The Sogdians, who were originally from Iran, founded it and lived here. Eventually, the Mongols came and conquered the city and since then, the wealth declined. Today, the Burana Tower is the most prominent landmark of Balasagun that you can still see.

You can climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the view over the fields. Make sure not to miss the intricate gravestones nearby. On some of the rocks, you can even see petroglyphs.

To get here, you need to take a marshrutka, a minibus, to Tokmok. From there, you can then hire a taxi which will take you to the Burana Tower and back again. Make sure to negotiate with your driver how long you want to stay at the tower. 45 minutes will give you more than enough time to explore the area.

As an alternative, you can also visit the Burana Tower on a guided tour from Bishkek. Click here to learn more!

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Practical information

Best time to visit Bishkek

Park with many flowers in Bishkek

The best time to visit Bishkek is in summer, from late June until the end of August.

Kyrgyzstan has a continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. As the country sees a lot of snowfall in winter, mountain regions become inaccessible during the colder season.

Most yurt camps are only open during the summer months, with locals moving to the cities in winter.

Summer is therefore the best season to visit Bishkek and explore Kyrgyzstan.

Where to stay in Bishkek

People gathering at the large monument in Bishkek Monument Square

You can find a range of hotels in Bishkek. There are excellent budget hotels and hostels around, but if you’re looking for something more comfortable, you won’t have problems finding luxury hotels. Here is a selection of accommodations with consistently good reviews that you should check out:

Mid-Range: Rates at the De’Mar Hotel include breakfast, making this hotel an excellent deal. The rooms are modern and very comfortable, plus you can easily walk to the city centre. Click here to book your stay now!

Budget: The White Hotel & Hostel offers clean, light and newly renovated rooms near the city centre. The reception is open 24/7 and the staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Click here to see rates and availability!

A bit more comfort: If you’re looking for a five-star hotel in the centre of Bishkek, you should check out the Sheraton Bishkek. The rooms are modern and spacious, there’s a spa centre with a pool and the hotel offers bike hires for guests. Check out more details and book your stay!

Real luxury: Do you want to book a presidential suite that makes you feel like you’re living in a French palace? Then you need to check out the Orion Hotel Bishkek! This is, without a doubt, the most luxurious hotel we’ve seen in Bishkek. Click here to see it for yourself!

How to get to Bishkek

Statue in a park of Bishkek

The easiest way to get to Bishkek is to take a plane. Multiple airlines offer regular flights here, so it’s easiest to search for the best offers on a website like Skyscanner that allows you to compare prices.

Once you’ve landed at the airport, you have multiple options for getting to the city centre. The fastest one is to get a taxi. Make sure to book your taxi at one of the taxi offices in the arrivals hall. While you can get an unofficial taxi outside the airport, those drivers have sometimes been known to scam passengers.

The other option to get to the city centre is to take a minibus. Mashrutka 380 takes you from the airport to the city centre and is by far the cheapest option.

Kyrgyzstan is a fantastic country to visit, and we highly recommend spending a few days in Bishkek. It’ll make it easier to arrange onward travel, and besides seeing the city, you can go on many fun day trips.

We hope we have convinced you that Bishkek is more than a transit city. If you’re interested in Kyrgyzstan, check out the other articles below, which will be interesting for you:

Until your next adventure!

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