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Architecture and martial arts at the westernmost fort of the Great Wall

Along my way through the Chinese part of the Silk Road, I couldn’t miss the Jiayuguan Fort. Located northwest of Gansu province, near Jiayuguan City, the Jiayuguan Fort is the westernmost one of the Great Wall. Not only that, but it’s also one of its main passes. Its location in the narrowest point of the Hexi Corridor, the traditional trading route of Gansu, made the fortress very valuable in ancient times.…


“Put on your rain jacket,” the Kiwi guy said.

I looked up at the blue sky, with no cloud in sight.

“It protects you against mosquitos,” he added. “Trust me; I’ve been here for a couple of days already.”

Have you ever ended up in the middle of nowhere and realised that you forgot to pack some essential items?

For me, one of the biggest appeals of staying in a jungle lodge in the middle of the Amazon was its remoteness. Far away from cities, traffic and big malls, I could enjoy nature. But it also meant I had to be extra careful when packing so I wouldn’t forget anything important.

You do not want to visit the jungle without insect repellent.…


Packing for Peru is complex. With three major climate zones and more microclimates than you could ever count, the country requires you to take clothing for many different scenarios.

You need to be prepared for the cold of the Andes, the humidity of the jungle and the desert coast in Lima. At the same time, you don’t want to take multiple suitcases that you will have to drag around the country.

We believe that packing light is possible, no matter where you go. Yes, that means that you can pack light even for a country like Peru. To help you, we have put together this Peru packing list. It will help you pack everything you need without taking too much.

Therefore, keep reading to find out exactly what to pack for Peru!…


“Why do you want to spend one week in Belize?” my friend asked. “There’s nothing there besides beaches.”

He knew I wasn’t a beach person. I can do a day or two on the beach, but any longer than that and I will get bored and start looking for other things to do. What he didn’t know, though, was that Central America’s second smallest country had lots more to offer than just beaches.

I quickly realised that a week in Belize was nowhere near enough. I had a fantastic time, and I easily would have found enough things to do to keep myself busy for another week or two.

Most backpackers rush through Belize because it’s the region’s most expensive country.…


If you’re thinking about Frankfurt, you are likely thinking about skyscrapers and its big, international airport. Maybe you’re even thinking about its Old Town and its half-timbered houses, or Frankfurt delicacies like Apfelwein (a wine made from apples).

But did you know that close to Frankfurt, you can find forests and mountains? And did you ever hear about the traditional villages and castles nearby? Frankfurt might not come to your mind as a great hiking destination, but you can find some excellent trails in its surroundings.

One of those nearby walks is the Three Castle Hike, which you can easily do on a day trip from Frankfurt. It will allow you to see three castles in one day, explore the forests around Frankfurt and discover some of the cutest towns nearby.…

Travel tales

Ah, what a year.

I think most of us are happy for 2020 to be done and over with. 2021 can only be better, right?

At the end of last year, we published a post about the travel lessons learned in 2019. Writing it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed thinking about our travels and all the great things we had experienced. So we decided to make it a habit and publish a similar post for 2020.

This year is a bit different. Needless to say that quite a few of our travel plans didn’t happen. But we count ourselves lucky that we were able to go to the Baltics in February, shortly before the pandemic hit. Plus, we visited Neuschwanstein Castle in summer.…


La Tigra was Honduras’ first national park, and well worth seeing on a day trip from Tegucigalpa. Not only is it home to mammals like pumas, armadillos and agoutis but also to many birds.

With a bit of luck, you can even spot the elusive quetzal. This colourful bird with a long tail plays a central role in Central America’s mythology and is also the national bird of Guatemala.

And even if you don’t find any animals, you will see thick forests, ferns, bromeliads and a wide variety of orchids.

Yet, despite all these unique plants and animals, barely any international visitors come to La Tigra. Most tourists either skip Honduras or stick to Copan and the Bay Islands, as these are the most accessible areas.…


If you’re going to Lapland, what could be better than taking the Santa Claus Express, an overnight train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi?

Imagine boarding the train in Helsinki in the evening. You seek out your bed, go to sleep, and when you wake up, you’re already in Lapland. And you didn’t even have to pay for an expensive hotel or flight! Not to mention that train rides are much more sustainable than flights.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the Santa Claus Express, then you’re in luck. Not only have we put together everything you need to know about the overnight train, but we are also going to talk about our own experience. That way, you will exactly know what to expect.…


When I was a child, my dad’s friend gave me a book called “Where Santa Claus lives”. I spent hours flipping through the pages, looking at pictures of Santa Claus and his elves. Visiting such a village, where I could meet Santa Claus and his helpers, sounded like a dream to me.

Needless to say that when I heard about the Santa Claus Village in Northern Finland, I knew that I had to go there. A village where it’s Christmas all year long? That sounds like a dream!

We visited in February, when the temperatures dropped to -20ºC and the ground was covered in a meter or more of snow. After taking an overnight train to Rovaniemi, we dropped off our luggage at our guesthouse and took the next bus to the Santa Claus Village.…


When you think about a trip to Europe, winter might not seem like the ideal season. Isn’t summer better, when it’s warm, and the sun shines all day long?

However, winter offers many advantages. First, fewer people travel so that you will encounter fewer crowds. And second, Europe is diverse enough that you can find destinations for enjoying snow and places where you can escape the cold.

To find out about the best winter destinations in Europe, we have asked fellow travel bloggers to name their favourites. Here is what they consider the best places in Europe that you should visit next winter:…

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