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Are you looking for a hotel for a stay in Basel?

Then consider the Sorell Hotel Merian Basel. I recently stayed here while doing a four-day course at the university. It was my first time in the city, but it doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer, too, or if you’ve been here a few times already.

The Sorell Hotel Merian is great for everyone. And just as a disclaimer, I did not get any compensation from the hotel to say this. I paid for the entire stay myself and recommend the place because I genuinely liked it.

Do you want to find out more? Then take a look at my detailed hotel review.

Sorell Hotel Merian Basel – Review


Exterior of the Sorell Hotel Merian in Basel

You can find the Sorell Hotel Merian in Kleinbasel, the neighbourhood on the eastern side of the river Rhine.

While Kleinbasel once used to have the reputation of being a poor neighbourhood (back in the day, people even called it the “lesser Basel”), it is now a neighbourhood full of restaurants, cafes and wine bars.

The Sorell Hotel Merian is located next to the river, with rooms offering either a river or a city view. From here, you can cross the bridge and be in the Old Town within three minutes.

You can also exit the hotel through the back entrance, and you’re directly next to the river Rhine. The pedestrian path is perfect for a relaxed stroll along the river, especially in the evening when the sun lights up the Old Town on the opposite side.

Check-In & Service

Lobby of the Sorell Hotel Merian, Basel

After entering the hotel, you can find the reception desk on your right hand-side. During my stay, the staff here was always very friendly and welcoming.

Checking in was easy and fast. I had to fill out a short form with my address and phone number and then received the keys to my room.

Staircase in the Sorell Hotel Merian
While you can, of course, take an elevator to get to your room, I absolutely loved this staircase.

The staff at reception is also the first point of contact for any other services you need. When I required a different billing address on my invoice, they changed it within a few minutes.

I also came to the reception desk when I realised that I needed an adapter for my laptop charger. Many European chargers (especially from Northern Europe) are too thick to fit into the Swiss outlets. Fortunately, the hotel was fully prepared and quickly handed over a charger that I could use during my whole stay.

Bikes for rent in the Sorell Hotel Merian Basel

Behind the reception desk, you can find a small lobby with two bikes. Those bikes are free to rent for guests. I didn’t have the chance to try it out during my stay, but if I came back just for exploring the city, I think this would be a great option.


Business single room in the Sorell Hotel Merian, Basel

Since I was travelling by myself, I had booked a business single room. Keep in mind that these are the smallest rooms in the hotel, so if you book any of the other rooms, you will have even more space and amenities.

The bed was quite large for being a single bed. In fact, I think it might have been larger than some of the double beds I slept in when visiting France. The blanket and the pillows were fluffy and comfortable, and there was even the option to order different types of pillows.

The first surprise when I entered the room was the yoga mat. What a thoughtful item to offer to guests! I had to sit for a long time during my course, and it was nice to have a mat so I could exercise in the evening.

Single bed in the Sorell Hotel Merian

The room was equipped with a minibar, a flatscreen TV, a large desk and a coffee machine. On top of the desk, there was a fan.

Since the hotel is located in a historic building, local regulations make it impossible to install air-conditioning in the rooms. I visited at the end of summer, and it was pretty hot when I arrived, which is why the staff had taken a few measures.

First, the drinks in the minibar were free for me. The staff also advised keeping the curtains shut during the day and opening the windows at night. By doing this, I was never too hot and spent four very comfortable nights in my room.

The only slight downside of the room was that I didn’t have an outlet next to my bed. There was a small space for my phone, but it only came with a LAN port, not an outlet.

Amenities in the bathroom of the Sorell Hotel Merian

The bathroom was small but had everything I needed. It came with many different Rituals products and an amenity kit. I especially liked the Rituals conditioner, which, unlike most hotel shampoos and conditioners, actually helped untangle my long hair.

Food & Drinks

Selection of bread and pastries at the breakfast buffet of the Sorell Hotel Merian

My stay included breakfast, which was served in a large room downstairs.

The breakfast was buffet-style, with lots of different options to choose from. I especially liked the selection of fresh pastries and croissants, which varied from day to day, and the many kinds of cheese.

For anyone who wants to try a typical Swiss breakfast, the hotel offers small jars filled with Bircher muesli. It’s a Swiss variation of muesli similar to overnight oats and packed with oats and fruit.

Cereals and muesli at the Sorell Hotel Merian

Do you want a hot breakfast? Then you can get fresh bacon and eggs. You can even cook your own eggs, according to your preferences, if you like.

A coffee machine lets you choose from various types of coffee, or, if you are like me and prefer tea, you can also pick one of the many varieties of tea.

On one side of the buffet stood various types of juice and water, plus the staff came by my table every morning to serve me a small smoothie.

Brasserie Cafe Spitz at the Sorell Hotel Merian

The hotel also has a restaurant, where I had dinner on my first evening. With its location next to the river Rhine, it was the perfect location to end the day. I ordered fish, and the dish was absolutely delicious.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was only open on weekends during my stay, but if you have the chance to eat here, I highly recommend it.

Plate of fish at the restaurant of the Sorell Hotel Merian

Would I stay at the Sorell Hotel Merian Basel again? Definitely! It was the perfect 4-star hotel in Basel. No matter if you’re in the city for business or pleasure, you should consider booking the Sorell Hotel Merian.

With its excellent location, its many amenities and its attention to detail, I’m sure you’re going to like it as much as I did.

If you’re interested, make sure to check out availability and the latest prices here!

Until your next adventure!

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