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Have you seen pictures of Paros, Greece?

The Cycladic Island, with its white houses, narrow alleyways and blue doors and windows, is often said to become the next Santorini or Mykonos. And rightfully so.

Paros is stunning and easily one of the most instagrammable places in Greece.

We took hundreds of pictures during the days we spent on the island. No matter where we went, it was beautiful.

To make sure that you also get fantastic photos of Paros, we have put together this list of the best Paros Instagram spots. Plus, we have put together a map that helps you easily find all of the places.

Follow our recommendations to discover the most scenic corners of Paros!

Paros Instagram Spots

Map of the best Instagram Spots on Paros

Some of the most instagrammable places in Paros are a bit hidden. We walked near the port of Naousa for hours before we discovered how beautiful it is.

That’s why we’ve created this map for you. You can use it for reference to find all of the Paros Instagram spots we mention below.

#1 The Bougainvillaea corner house in LefkesIlona sitting in a house at a corner in Lefkes

Our first Instagram spot in Paros is one of the most famous views of the island, but it is also a bit tricky to find. With the pink bougainvillaea and the blue door, this corner house is one of the most beautiful buildings on the island.

To get here, you first need to make your way to Lefkes. Buses regularly run between Parikia and Naousa, or you can get a rental car to move around the island.

From the bus station or car park, you follow the main road that leads towards the village. However, before reaching the centre, you need to walk down a steep alley on your left. We highly recommend using our map to find the house.

We took most of the photos shown in this post with a Sony A7III mirrorless camera. This gives us the advantage that we can change the lens, depending on our needs. If you want to learn more, check out this post about the best Sony A7III travel lenses!

If you’re looking for a photo spot in Paros where you can easily pose, this house is perfect for you. You can sit down on the wall, and the pictures will always come out great!

#2 Naousa Port

Boats and blue chairs in the Naousa Port

Can you believe that we almost missed the port when we visited Naousa? We dived straight into the maze of alleys. It wasn’t until Daniel checked his phone that we realised we had missed one of the most beautiful corners of the island and one of the best photo spots in Greece.

Naousa is a small fishing village that has grown into a tourist hotspot on Paros. We loved that despite its beauty, it is nowhere near as crowded as the Oia in Santorini, for example.

Bar with blue chairs at the Naousa Port

When we visited in mid-October, the alleyways were mostly empty, and we only saw a handful of tourists at the port.

The harbour is not just one photo spot. Instead, you can walk around and explore taking pictures from different angles. The blue chairs from the restaurants are lovely, but so are the fishing boats. And with a bit of luck, you might even see an octopus drying in the sun.

#3 Orthodox Church in Parikia

Orthodox Church in Parikia

One of the best spots in Paros for taking a picture of a blue-domed church is in Parikia.

Close to Hotel Dina, you can find a Greek Orthodox church. The road widens a bit here, which makes it the perfect picture spot.

Blue-domed church in the old town of Parikia
A wide-angle lens is perfect if you want to capture the entire area

Getting here is pretty straightforward. The pedestrian path runs parallel to the waterfront and could be considered one of the main streets of Parikia’s Old Town. You’ll find lots of shops along this street.

If in doubt, make sure to follow our map, so you don’t miss out on this photo opportunity!

#4 Bougainvillaea house in Lefkes

House and two chairs near the Lefkes church

Lefkes is such a pretty village that we had to include two separate houses in this post. The first one is the bougainvillaea corner house we mentioned above.

The second house is also famous for its bougainvillaea, but it’s located in a very different part of Lefkes. Its location also allows you to take very different pictures, making it one of the many Instagram-worthy spots in Paros.

The house is an excellent spot for posing, but it’s also nice if you want to take a picture of Lefkes. To its left, a path leads into the village, and you can see a cluster of white houses. You can use the bougainvillaea house to frame them.

To get to the bougainvillaea house, you need to walk to the Agia Triada church. The house is in front of the church, on the northern side of the square.

#5 Street in front of Daniele Pizza, Parikia

A cafe in the old town of Parikia

Many of the best photo spots in Paros are hidden in the alleyways of the old towns of Parikia and Naousa. They aren’t easy to find, but you can take some fantastic Instagram photos here.

In Parikia, head to Daniele Pizza. The street here is particularly photogenic, with the blue chairs that match the colour of the doors and windows.

You won’t see many bougainvillaeas here, but the two oleander trees are just as pretty.

Daniele Pizza is very close to the main square and port of Paros, so getting here is relatively easy.

#6 Come Back Bar, Naousa

View of the sea at the Come Back bar

If you love photography, Paros is a great island to visit. Not only are the towns very photogenic, but you can also take a variety of pictures.

The next photo spot is different, but it is still one of the most instagrammable places in Paros. You can find the Come Back Bar on the beach of Naousa, east of the harbour. From the harbour, a small passage leads here. As an alternative, you can also reach the bar by following the small alleys in Naousa’s Old Town.

The perfect place to take a picture of the Come Back Bar is from the direction of the Old Town. That way, you have the chairs and umbrellas in the foreground and the sea in the background.

#7 Blue houses in Lefkes

Daniel in front of blue houses in Lefkes

This complex of houses is the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photo. The white houses and blue doors and windows are so typical for a Greek island in the Cyclades that we stopped here multiple times to take pictures.

Getting to the blue houses is easy. From the bus stop or parking in Lefkes, you need to follow the main road. It eventually turns to the left. Make sure to follow it, and you’ll soon see the houses on your right-hand-side.

While taking pictures, always remember to be respectful! Use the buildings as a backdrop, but don’t disturb any of the people living there. Remember that this is their home, so treat it with respect.

#8 Windmill on a cliff, Parikia

Windmill on a hill in Parikia

What comes to your mind when you think of the Greek islands? White windmills, maybe?

The most famous windmills stand on Mykonos, but you can also find a few on Paros. If you’ve arrived by ferry, you will already have seen one at the roundabout in front of the port. It houses the tourist information centre.

If you walk southwards along the coast, you’ll see another windmill. It sits on a cliff, marking one of the best viewpoints in Paros. Not only can you see the town from here, it’s also an excellent location for taking pictures of the windmill itself.

A good time to come here is in the evening, when the golden evening light shines on the windmill.

#9 Toca Cocktail Bar, Naousa

View of a street of Naousa


Our next scenic street view is in front of the Toca Cocktail Bar in Naousa. Once again, the blue chairs (or rather cushions, in this case) set up this place for the perfect Instagram picture.

The best time of the day to take this photo is in the afternoon. We came past the bar in the morning, and the spot didn’t look that special.

However, when we came back in the afternoon, the owners had already opened and put out the cushions. It makes a large difference!

#10 Parikia during the blue hour

Parikia during the blue hour

During the blue hour, most of the alleys in Parikia’s Old Town turn into the best photo spots in Paros.

The blue hour is the time after sunset and before all light disappears. The sky often shows a deep blue colour, and the remaining light is also very blue. This can lead to interesting effects in your photos.

If you walk around the Old Town of Parikia at this time, you can take fantastic photos of the shops and alleys. We captured the image above in front of the Charizma Boutique, and it’s one of our favourites. But as we wandered around, we also found many other places from which to take pictures.

Street of Parikia during the evening

Keep in mind that if you take photos at this time of the day, you need longer exposure times. This means you need to be extra still if you don’t want your pictures to become blurry! Some phones have a night vision mode which can help.

If you have a camera, the lens can also make a big difference. If you want to learn more, you should check out our post about the best travel lenses for the Sony A7III mirrorless camera!

We hope you found this post about the best Instagram spots in Paros useful. If you have more suggestions, make sure to leave us a comment as we’d love to hear about them!

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Until your next adventure!

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