Food Around the World

Overview of different food from Laos

One of the nicest things about travelling is trying different foods. We love going around the world visting markets, buying weirld looking street food that turns out to be delicious and pointing at random items on the menu. We love it so much we want to share it with you!

Here is a selection of the food we ate and loved during our trips. From vegetables to meat, dumplings to fried bananas,  fresh fruit or cakes, we have a bit of everything. If you want to fully explore a country’s cuisine or you are just lost while reading the menu we can help you. Bon appetit!

Market in Xian, China


Spices from a Central Asian market

One of the best ways to learn about a country’s cuisine is to visit a local market. It is fascinating to walk along rows and rows of ingredients you have never seen in your life. Markets are also a great place to grab a snack, wether you want fresh fruit or a bowl of soup.

We have been to markets all over the world and we highly recommend you to do the same. Check out our posts below.

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