Central America


“Why do you want to spend one week in Belize?” my friend asked. “There’s nothing there besides beaches.”

He knew I wasn’t a beach person. I can do a day or two on the beach, but any longer than that and I will get bored and start looking for other things to do. What he didn’t know, though, was that Central America’s second smallest country had lots more to offer than just beaches.

I quickly realised that a week in Belize was nowhere near enough. I had a fantastic time, and I easily would have found enough things to do to keep myself busy for another week or two.

Most backpackers rush through Belize because it’s the region’s most expensive country.…

Central America

Mayan ruins, whites beaches, active volcanos, stunning lakes – if you’re thinking about the best places to visit in Central America, a lot of images might come to your mind. We are sure that amongst them are some of the best beaches in the world.

Central America is lucky to border two different seas – the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other side. That means you can find lots of different beaches in Central America. You can go surfing on the Pacific Coast, or you can sip a cocktail underneath a palm tree on a Caribbean island.

To help you choose and to inspire you for your next trip, we have put together this list of the best beaches in Central America.…


Caye Caulker in Belize is a fantastic destination if you’re looking for a laid-back Caribbean island with colourful houses, amazing snorkelling and the opportunity to see the Belize Blue Hole.

We have already written a post about the best things to do in Caye Caulker, but we want to help you further in planning your trip. That is why we have put together this guide on how to get to Caye Caulker.

We’ll cover all options, no matter if you’re coming from home or are already in the area. Keep reading to find out how to get to Caye Caulker from Belize City, how to get to Belize in the first place and whether you should consider going via Mexico and what you need to know about flights to Caye Caulker.…

El Salvador

Volcan Santa Ana is one of El Salvador’s biggest tourist attractions. The light green lagoon that bubbles in its crater, with smoke rising up, is a spectacular sight.

I have to admit, this was the one destination I did not research properly. I love research, but by the time we had arrived in Santa Ana, I was tired and exhausted and figured I could just go without reading up on it. It led to a lot of confusion, us almost jumping off at the wrong bus stop and worrying for a while that we would not end up seeing the volcano at all.

But do not fear. To make sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to you, I have put together this guide.…


If you’re planning a trip to Belize, you will eventually wonder about what to pack.

The good news is: Packing for Belize is easy. If you forget anything, you can usually find a place to buy it in the country. And you don’t need much special equipment unless you want to bring your own snorkelling gear.

Still, there are a few essentials that we are glad we brought on our trip to Belize, and there will be a few items that you should rather leave at home. That’s why we have put together this packing list for Belize. It’ll make packing for your trip much easier, and you can avoid repeating our mistakes.…

Costa Rica

When I thought of Costa Rica, delicious food wasn’t the first highlight that came to my mind. I was expecting wildlife, cloud forests and waterfalls, but I never thought about Costa Rican dishes. Maybe because their cuisine isn’t well-known worldwide, or perhaps because I was too excited about the chance of seeing sloths.

But it turns out that food in Costa Rica is quite tasty. We tried a variety of dishes while travelling through the country, served at food stalls, in small cafes or excellent restaurants. And we are not the only ones who enjoyed eating out in Costa Rica. Below, you can find eight foods you should try, recommended by fellow travel bloggers.…


Bocas del Toro is one of our favourite places to visit in Panama.

Here, you can find white Caribbean beaches, a fantastic underwater world, lots of giant starfish and, if you’re lucky, even a sloth. You can relax on beaches or visit an organic cocoa farm up in the hills. And you can taste fresh fish and seafood while looking out over the sea.

Does all of this sound perfect to you?

Then keep on reading to find out about the best things to do in Bocas del Toro, plus the best time to visit and how to get there.…


La Tigra was Honduras’ first national park, and well worth seeing on a day trip from Tegucigalpa. Not only is it home to mammals like pumas, armadillos and agoutis but also to many birds.

With a bit of luck, you can even spot the elusive quetzal. This colourful bird with a long tail plays a central role in Central America’s mythology and is also the national bird of Guatemala.

And even if you don’t find any animals, you will see thick forests, ferns, bromeliads and a wide variety of orchids.

Yet, despite all these unique plants and animals, barely any international visitors come to La Tigra. Most tourists either skip Honduras or stick to Copan and the Bay Islands, as these are the most accessible areas.…

Costa Rica

Out of all the places I visited in Costa Rica, Tortuguero was by far my favourite. Don’t get me wrong. I loved relaxing on a beach, and I also enjoyed hiking through the cloud forest of Monteverde, but none of those places had the same charm as Tortuguero. This small town, which you can only reach by boat or by plane, was by far the most relaxed place we visited. Also, we saw lots of animals here, which made our stay even more fun.

I think you can easily spend two or three days here, looking for turtles and chasing butterflies. No matter how much time you have, here are the best things to do in Tortuguero.…


I will be honest with you. I didn’t love Caye Caulker. I’m not saying that I disliked it but it wasn’t my favourite place in Belize either.

I think it all comes down to travelling to Caye Caulker with the right expectations – and my expectations were high. My whole trip to Central America had been inspired by a young adult novel called Wanderlove. I have read that book more often than any other book (even more often than Harry Potter), and a huge part of it takes place on a Caribbean island in Belize. While the island in the book is fictional, it was inspired by Caye Caulker.

So you can imagine my expectations when I got there. I had vivid images of tropical beaches and colourful houses in my head, the kind of place where you cycle through backstreets without seeing any other tourists.…

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