About us

Ilona and Daniel at the top of a Volcano

Hello there! We are Daniel and Ilona, we travel the world together looking for adventures.

Welcome to our blog! We love swimming in waterfalls, riding camels and talking to the locals to find out about their lives and local culture. Food is a huge part of travelling and we enjoy trying out all the new and weird dishes the world has to offer. Photography is another of our passions, we can spend hours taking pictures!

Before meeting each other we already had our fair share of adventures, but we met for the first time in Turkmenistan, one of the least visited countries in the world! From there, we travelled together along the Silk Road. We crossed through Central Asia, taking in the blue-mosaic buildings in Uzbekistan and hiking through mountains in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. After exploring Xinjiang and western China, crossing the country west to east, we split up in Xian. It was a sad goodbye, but we both had different plans, with Daniel going south to Laos and Ilona north to Beijing, and South Korea later. However, travel rarely goes as planned! And Daniel got a nice surprise when she suddenly knocked on his hotel room door a few days later while he was on his way to Laos.

From there we travelled together for a few more months and explored South East Asia. We had a wonderful time there, but we had another bitter-sweet farewell when we had to part ways yet again! Ilona had to meet an old friend to travel South America, and Daniel already had plans to hike to Everest Base Camp. It took a while more until we finally got together for real, when after almost a year, we both settled down (for now!) in Frankfurt, Germany. Now we use it as a base to explore the world together. Europe is at our doorstep and we take advantage of it! But that doesn’t mean we shy away from far destinations like Japan.

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